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The Declaration of Conformity is a document that certifies the compliance of products put into circulation with the requirements of regulatory documents
Service Description
The general procedure for declaring products:
  1. Analysis of product documents - product passport, technical specifications, recipe in 100% ratio, TNZED code, etc.;
  2. Testing;
  3. Formation of the layout and draft of the declaration of conformity;
  4. Downloading test protocols and declarations of conformity the FSIS

The number of stages of the declaration of conformity depends on the chosen declaration scheme — 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D or 6D:
— 1D and 2D - for simple goods, laboratory tests are replaced by document verification and testing in a voluntary laboratory. 1D - for serial production, 2D - for a separate batch or unit of goods;
— 3D and 4D - verification with testing of samples in an accredited laboratory. 3D - for serial production, 4D - for a separate batch or unit of goods;
— 5D and 6D - for complex equipment. For example, which cannot be brought to the laboratory, verification is possible only at the workplace.

The scheme depends on the product in question. A preliminary consultation will help to avoid unnecessary costs. If the goods fall under several technical regulations of the Customs Union (TR TS), a single declaration of conformity is drawn up. The document indicates the list of TR CU, according to which the products were checked.
Group of companies «AiLFARMA»
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